Work Residence Permit

We provide comprehensive consulting and immigration services related to employing foreigners in Slovakia, working closely with the Center for Labour, Social Affairs, and Family. Our services encompass:

  1. Consultations with clients on the optimal foreign employment approach.
  2. Assisting in job vacancy announcements.
  3. Preparing necessary documents for temporary residence applications.
  4. Accompanying foreigners to immigration police procedures.
  5. Providing official translations, apostilles, and arranging medical examinations.
  6. Facilitating registration with an insurance company.
  7. Guiding employers on post-employment obligations.
  8. Offering legal services for obtaining D visas.
  9. Assisting in securing the recognition of educational documents for blue card applications.

Here’s an overview of the foreign employment process:

  • Employers announce job vacancies on
  • Temporary residence applications are submitted for employment purposes, usually after 20 working days from the job vacancy announcement (exceptions apply).
  • Foreign police decisions on residence are typically valid for 90 days (30 days if there is an insufficient number of positions).
  • Arrangements for entry into Slovakia, including obtaining D visas and proof of residence.
  • Registering the foreign employee with a health insurance company.
  • Executing an employment contract and registering the employee with health and social insurance.
  • Conducting a medical examination to ensure the employee’s health does not pose a public health risk.
  • Reporting the start of employment to the relevant labor office.

For highly qualified employees with a university degree, a blue card can be sought through the foreign police. The key requirement for obtaining a blue card is a monthly salary that is at least 1.5 times the average monthly salary of employees in the relevant industry within the Slovak Republic.

What is the duration of the foreigner hiring process?
The foreign police have 90 days to reach a decision from the moment they receive a complete application. If there are insufficient positions, the deadline is reduced to 30 days. If the application is submitted at an embassy abroad, the countdown begins upon the application’s delivery to the foreign police. It’s essential to factor in the deadline for the foreigner’s arrival in Slovakia after receiving their residence permit (usually accompanied by obtaining a D visa).

In the case of a blue card, one drawback is the requirement for the education’s nostrification in Slovakia, which can extend the process by approximately a month.

How long is a residence permit typically granted for?
A residence permit for employment purposes is typically granted for a maximum duration of 2 years, though, in practice, most cases see the maximum period being granted. On the other hand, the blue card, issued by the police department, is typically valid for a maximum period of 3 years.

Employment Permit Requirements
An employment permit is mandatory for a third-country national when:

  1. They are being employed for seasonal work, with a maximum duration of 180 days within a 12-month period.
  2. They are engaged as a seaman on a ship registered in the Slovak Republic or under the flag of the Slovak Republic.
  3. They hold temporary residence for family reunification, within the first 12 months from the grant of temporary residence for this purpose.
  4. They have temporary residence as a third-country national who has obtained long-term resident status in a European Union member state, within the first 12 months from their arrival in the Slovak Republic.
  5. They are employed by an employer headquartered or with an organizational unit with labor law subjectivity outside the Slovak Republic, and they are sent to work within the Slovak Republic based on a contract with a legal entity or individual.
  6. This requirement is established by an international treaty to which the Slovak Republic is a signatory.