What do I need to do to start studying at a university in Slovakia?

Choosing a University In Slovakia, higher education is offered by:

Public universities State universities (military, medical, police) Private universities – authorized to operate as private institutions by the state Foreign universities – authorized to provide higher education Universities offer study programs in three levels:

1st level – Bachelor’s degree programs 2nd level – Master’s, engineering, and doctoral programs 3rd level – Doctoral study programs At the university, you can study in full-time or part-time study modes, choosing between attending in person, via distance learning, or using a combination. You can find a comprehensive list on the University Portal.

The academic year starts on September 1st and ends on August 31st of the following year. It consists of two semesters (winter and summer) or three trimesters.

Admission Requirements for University The basic requirement for admission to a bachelor’s program is completion of secondary education or specialized secondary education. This requirement is fulfilled by high school graduates with a secondary school-leaving examination certificate.

Applicants who obtained secondary education abroad must demonstrate that their completed secondary education is equivalent to the level of secondary education here.

Individuals with granted asylum, provided supplementary protection, or temporary refuge can demonstrate fulfillment of secondary education requirements through a sworn declaration and completion of a test of general study prerequisites. Details are outlined in each university’s internal regulation.

Basic requirements for admission to a second-degree program involve higher education at the first or second degree level. The basic requirement for admission to a doctoral program is second-degree higher education.

The university may set additional criteria to ensure that applicants with the necessary abilities and prerequisites are admitted. Each university separately provides information on additional admission requirements (required education, application submission, admission process, required results in the admission process, application fee).

The number of admitted students is determined by the specific university. If admission conditions are met by multiple applicants, the university accepts applicants with the highest demonstrated abilities.

The admission process varies depending on the chosen university, but the process generally involves:

Completion and submission of an application Attachment of necessary documents Participation in the admission process The university invites the applicant to the admission process and then informs about its evaluation, i.e., acceptance or rejection for study. In case of a negative result, the applicant has the right to appeal (especially if placed just below the cutoff). The university may require information from accepted applicants regarding their intention to commence studies.

The applicant must provide this information by the beginning of the academic year. Failure to express interest results in the loss of the right to enroll in the university.

Submitting an Application You can submit an application electronically or in paper form. The electronic application (eApplication) can be submitted through the PrihlaskaVS.sk portal or on the university’s website. PrihlaskaVS.sk allows applying to multiple universities without repeatedly filling in personal details. Some schools allow sending the eApplication to the school’s electronic mailbox, while others require you to print and submit the application, no later than the specified deadline for application submission.

The paper form can be submitted by mail or personal delivery to the school/faculty’s address. You can purchase it at printing stores, selected stationeries, or download it from the relevant faculty’s website or the Ministry of Education’s website.

Application Submission Deadlines You must submit the application within the deadline set by the faculty or university. Applications for schools with talent exams are submitted starting from November. For most universities, the application is submitted in the standard period from February to May.

Some faculties accept applications additionally from June to September. Application deadlines are available on the PortalVS.sk website. Further information is provided by the study departments and websites of individual universities.

Tuition Fees Study at public and state universities in Slovak is free for the standard study duration. Studying in a foreign language may incur fees set by the university. Each university independently determines fees for study programs in a foreign language or through distance learning.

For more information about fees, visit the PortalVS.sk website or contact the university directly.

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic provides financial assistance to students in the form of scholarships. More information is available directly from the university.

Completion of Studies Higher education studies conclude by fulfilling the study requirements according to the relevant program and the date of meeting the final condition. The proof of completion is the university diploma, diploma supplement, and state examination certificate.

Academic titles awarded are:

1st level (SKKR/EKR level: 6):

Bachelor (Bc.) 2nd level (SKKR/EKR level: 7):

Master (Mgr.), in the field of arts Master of Arts (Mgr. art.) and Master of Architecture in the field of architecture and urbanism (Mgr.arch.), Engineer (Ing.) in technical, agricultural, and economic fields of engineering programs and in the field of architecture and urbanism with the academic title of architect engineer (Ing. arch.), Doctor of General Medicine (MUDr.) in the field of general human medicine, Doctor of Dental Medicine (MDDr.) in the field of dental human medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (MVDr.) in the field of veterinary medicine. 3rd level (SKKR/EKR level: 8):

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Doctor of Arts (ArtD.) Theologian (ThLic.) after the first comprehensive part of doctoral studies in the field of Catholic theology. Frequently Asked Questions What do I need to prepare before applying to university? Whether you are an EU citizen or a citizen of a third country, you must first prepare proof of the highest attained education (required recognition of the document).

Who should I contact for further questions? More detailed information will be provided by the respective school/faculty. In case of necessity, you can contact the university section of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

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