Submitting an Application for the Issuance of a Certificate of Slovak Republic Citizenship Abroad.

Service for Citizens of the Slovak Republic Abroad. Through this service, applicants can submit a request for the issuance of a certificate of Slovak Republic citizenship abroad or for the determination of Slovak Republic citizenship to the respective diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic, where the applicant reserves a meeting during their stay abroad for processing the request – list of diplomatic missions list of DMs. The output of the service is the issuance of a certificate/confirmation of Slovak Republic citizenship to the citizen of the Slovak Republic abroad. In case of using an eID card, communication with the citizen takes place through the eDesk mailbox, speeding up the application process and significantly reducing the risk that the applicant needs to visit the diplomatic mission multiple times. However, the service can also be used without an eID card. A guaranteed electronic signature of the citizen is not required for processing the electronic form. The service is available 24 hours a day.

The service is subject to a fee at the diplomatic mission. The fee amount is defined by the respective diplomatic mission, usually in the local currency of the country where the diplomatic mission is located. More information about fees for individual diplomatic missions can be found on the websites of the respective diplomatic missions – list of DMs.

The request for the determination of Slovak Republic citizenship is submitted by a citizen of the Slovak Republic.

For the successful completion of the service, the following are required: Proof of identity (identity card, passport) Applicant’s birth certificate Other documents that may confirm or be helpful in determining Slovak Republic citizenship, especially: Parents’ birth certificates, Document on marital status (marriage certificate, valid court decision, or divorce certificate, death certificate of the spouse if the applicant is a married man/married woman, divorced/widowed), Domicile certificate, Passport used for travel abroad (or that of the applicant’s parents), Previous certificate of citizenship, Confirmation of not acquiring Czech Republic citizenship (provided by former Czechoslovak citizens who lived in the Czech Republic between 1969-1992), Confirmation of acquiring Czech Republic citizenship (provided by former Czechoslovak citizens who acquired Czech Republic citizenship by choice or grant after December 31, 1968), Other documents confirming the facts stated in the application (nationality certificate, etc.), necessary for the assessment of the application, if the applicant is requested to submit them by the diplomatic mission or district office in the seat of the region.

Steps to use the electronic service: The following steps outline the process to use the electronic service for submitting a request for a certificate of citizenship or for determining Slovak Republic citizenship abroad. A detailed description of using electronic services provided by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic can be found in the User Guide for Electronic Services, available on the application submission page. Fill out the electronic form (this step is optional, but submitting the completed electronic form will shorten your time at the diplomatic mission). Reserve a meeting at the relevant diplomatic mission – after sending the reservation, a message will be sent to your eDesk mailbox (or email) to confirm the meeting reservation. To make the reservation valid, it must be confirmed. If your identity documents expire soon, reserve a meeting at the diplomatic mission as soon as possible. Submit the electronic form and reservation to the respective diplomatic mission.

Steps after using the electronic service: If you have submitted an electronic form for a request for determining Slovak Republic citizenship abroad and made a reservation, you will need to perform the following activities: Communication with the diplomatic mission’s employee – if the submitted electronic form has deficiencies, the diplomatic mission’s employee will contact you to address the discrepancies before your visit to the diplomatic mission. Communication will take place through the eDesk mailbox if you submitted the application after logging in with an eID card or through the email you provided in the contact details if you were not logged in. Visit to the diplomatic mission – come to the diplomatic mission at the reserved time, presenting all the necessary documents listed in the service description. During the visit, you will sign the request for determining Slovak Republic citizenship, pre-filled in case you also submitted a completed electronic form with the reservation. Receipt of the certificate/confirmation – the certificate/confirmation of Slovak Republic citizenship issued based on the request submitted to the diplomatic mission will be delivered to the diplomatic mission where the applicant will pick it up, or it can be delivered by the diplomatic mission to the address specified by you, if you request it and it is possible for the applicant to receive the certificate/confirmation.