Submitting an Application for the Granting of Slovak Republic Citizenship Abroad.

The service is intended for individuals who are not citizens of the Slovak Republic and are applying for Slovak Republic citizenship while residing abroad. Through this service, applicants can submit a request to grant Slovak Republic citizenship to the relevant diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic, where the applicant reserves a meeting to process the application based on the country of residence – list of diplomatic missions list of DMs. The output of the service is the issuance of a document on the granting of Slovak Republic citizenship to the applicant abroad. The service is available 24 hours a day.

The service is subject to a fee at the diplomatic mission after the granting of citizenship. The fee amount is usually defined by the relevant diplomatic mission in the local currency of the country where the diplomatic mission is located. More information on fees for individual diplomatic missions can be found on the websites of individual diplomatic missions – list of DMs.

For the successful processing of the service, the following documents are required: Curriculum vitae, Proof of identity, Birth certificate, Document on marital status, which is a marriage certificate, a valid court judgment, or a certificate of divorce if the applicant is a married man or a married woman, divorced, or widowed, Document on residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic, and if it concerns a former citizen, a document on the last permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic or a solemn declaration about this residence, A certificate of impeccable character not older than six months, which is a copy of the criminal record from each state of which the applicant is or has been a citizen and a copy of the criminal record from each state in which the applicant had a residence permit in the last 15 years before submitting the application for the granting of Slovak Republic citizenship, or another document confirming impeccable character issued by the competent authorities of these states, A document on the termination of the state union of the Czechoslovak Republic, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, or the Slovak Republic, a naturalization certificate, or a certificate of acquiring citizenship of another state if the applicant is a former citizen, A certificate proving the status of a Slovak living abroad, if applicable, These additional documents: Confirmation from the tax office, customs office, and municipality of payment of taxes and fees, Extract from the commercial register or extract from the trade register, Confirmation from the employer of employment and a copy of the employment contract, Confirmation from the health insurance company of payment of health insurance and the duration of the insurance relationship, Confirmation from the employer of payment of income tax and payment of social insurance, public health insurance, and old-age pension savings, Confirmation of enrollment in studies, Confirmation of receiving a pension, Confirmation of registration as a job seeker, Confirmation of a source of income sufficient to finance the stay of the applicant and close family members in the territory of the Slovak Republic if the applicant is voluntarily unemployed, Other documents if needed for decision-making.

Steps for using the electronic service: The following steps outline the process to use the electronic service to apply for the granting of Slovak Republic citizenship abroad. A detailed description of using electronic services provided by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic can be found in the User Manual for Electronic Services, available on the application submission page. Complete the electronic form (this step is optional, but submitting the completed electronic form will shorten your time spent at the diplomatic mission). Reservation of a meeting at the relevant diplomatic mission – after sending the reservation, a message confirming the meeting reservation will be sent to your eDesk mailbox (or email inbox). To validate the reservation, it must be confirmed.

Submission of the electronic form and reservation to the relevant diplomatic mission.

Steps after using the electronic service: In case you have submitted an electronic form for the application for the granting of Slovak Republic citizenship abroad and made a reservation, you will need to perform the following activities: Communication with the diplomatic mission employee – if the submitted electronic form has deficiencies, an employee of the diplomatic mission will contact you to address the discrepancies before your arrival at the diplomatic mission. Communication will take place through the e-mail address you provided in the contact details if you were not logged in. Visit to the diplomatic mission – come to the diplomatic mission at the time of the reservation, and you must submit all the necessary documents listed in the service description. During the visit, you will sign the application for granting Slovak Republic citizenship abroad, pre-filled if you send the completed electronic form along with the reservation. Receipt of the document – The document on the granting of Slovak Republic citizenship, drawn up based on the application submitted to the diplomatic mission, will be delivered to the diplomatic mission where you will pick it up.

Basic information: Mandatory fee Yes. Reservation required Yes.


The service is provided according to Act No. 40/1993 Coll. on the State Citizenship of the Slovak Republic.