Submission of Applications for Registration of Registry Events Abroad – Record of Death.

The service is intended for citizens of the Slovak Republic residing abroad. Through the service, it is possible to submit a record of death to the relevant diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic, where the surviving person reserves an appointment for the registration based on the country where the deceased citizen is located – list of diplomatic missions. The output of the service is the issuance of a registry document to the surviving citizen of the Slovak Republic abroad. If an eID card is used, communication with the citizen takes place through the eDesk mailbox, speeding up the application process and significantly reducing the risk that the applicant needs to visit the diplomatic mission multiple times. However, the service can be used without using an eID card. A notarized electronic signature of the citizen is not required for processing the electronic form. The service is available 24 hours a day.

The service is subject to a fee at the diplomatic mission. The amount of the fee is determined by the respective diplomatic mission in the local currency according to the country where the diplomatic mission is located. The current fee schedule can be found here. More information on fees for individual diplomatic missions can be found on the websites of the respective diplomatic missions – list of diplomatic missions.

The surviving person or an authorized person who must provide a written power of attorney with the authenticated signature of the authorizing person submits the death registration to a separate registry. For successful service processing, the following documents are required:

Valid identification document (passport or identity card) of the person handling the registration A certified photocopy or extract of the foreign death certificate, the original of which is apostilled or super-legalized if the respective verification is required Translation of the foreign death certificate into the Slovak language made by a foreign state-authorized submitter or translation of the foreign death certificate into the Slovak language made by an authorized submitter of the Slovak Republic or the diplomatic mission Proof of Slovak citizenship of the deceased as of the date of death (Slovak citizenship can be proven by a valid certificate or statement of citizenship, a valid passport, or a valid identity card of the Slovak Republic) A notarized power of attorney if the registration is handled by an authorized person.

Steps to use the electronic service.

The following brief steps are provided to use the electronic service for death registration. A detailed description of using the electronic services of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic can be found in the User Guide for Electronic Services, available on the application submission page.

Complete the electronic form (optional step, but submitting the completed electronic form will shorten your time spent at the diplomatic mission). Reserve a meeting at the relevant diplomatic mission – after sending the reservation, a message confirming the reservation will be sent to your eDesk mailbox (or email). To make the reservation valid, it must be confirmed. If your identification documents are expiring, reserve a meeting at the diplomatic mission as soon as possible. Submit the electronic form and reservation to the relevant diplomatic mission.

Steps after using the electronic service.

If you have submitted the electronic form for death registration and a reservation, you will need to perform the following activities:

Communication with the diplomatic mission – if the submitted electronic form has deficiencies, a diplomatic mission employee will contact you to resolve discrepancies before your arrival at the diplomatic mission. Communication will take place through the eDesk mailbox if you submitted the application after logging in with an eID card or via email if you were not logged in. Visit to the diplomatic mission – visit the diplomatic mission at the reserved time, providing all the necessary documents listed in the service description. During the visit, you will sign the application, pre-filled if you submitted a completed electronic form along with the reservation. The applicant must bring all the necessary documents listed in the service description and on the respective form to the reserved meeting. Without these documents, the application may not be successfully processed during the meeting. Pick up the registry document – the registry document is delivered to the diplomatic mission where the application was submitted. The diplomatic mission will contact you to pick up the registry document.

Mandatory fee Yes, Reservation required Yes.

The service is provided under the Act No. 154/1994 Coll. on Registries, as amended.