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Residence permit for the spouse of a citizen of the Slovak Republic

There are three distinct methods for marrying a Slovak citizen. The first option involves getting married in the spouse’s country of origin and completing all necessary formalities there. The second option is to handle all formalities at the Slovak embassy in the spouse’s country and subsequently travel to Slovakia. The third option is to travel directly to Slovakia and marry there.


Marriage procedures follow the legal regulations of the country where the marriage occurs. The ability and validity of marriage adhere to the laws of the individual’s respective state—for a Slovak citizen, Slovak legal regulations apply, while a foreigner’s marriage validity aligns with their home country’s laws.

For a marriage concluded abroad to be recognized in Slovakia, registration in a special Ministry of the Interior register is necessary. This registration enables the issuance of a Slovak marriage certificate, a prerequisite for a foreigner to apply for 5 years of permanent residence in Slovakia.

The application for registration in the special registry is submitted by a Slovak citizen at the Slovak Republic’s representative office abroad or the registry office responsible for their place of permanent residence in Slovakia. The application requires:

  • An officially certified foreign marriage certificate, translated into Slovak by a certified translator listed by the Ministry of the Slovak Republic
  • Valid identification (ID, passport, or citizenship certificate)
  • Divorce decree or death certificate if applicable, officially certified and translated into Slovak by a registered translator

The special register processes the entry within three months of the application, extendable by a maximum of three months under warranted circumstances.

Fees for administrative actions are regulated by the Act on Administrative Fees:

  • Marriage between a Slovak citizen and a foreigner: EUR 70.
  • Marriage between foreigners: EUR 200

Marriage Registration Abroad for Slovak Republic Citizens.

This service facilitates the registration of marriages that took place abroad for citizens of the Slovak Republic. It enables the submission of marriage records to the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. Through this service, applicants can book appointments at relevant Slovak Republic representative offices based on their location abroad.

Service Output: The service delivers a registration document to Slovak Republic citizens residing abroad. Communication is facilitated via the eDesk mailbox for those using an eID card, expediting the application process and reducing multiple embassy visits.

However, the service is accessible without an eID card. The citizen’s electronic signature is not mandatory for form processing. The service operates 24/7.

Fees: Embassies charge a service fee determined by the respective office in the local currency of the country. Details of fees for individual representative offices are available on their respective pages.

Application Process: Either spouse (Slovak citizen) or an authorized person can submit the application, requiring written authorization with an officially verified signature.

The application can proceed only if at least one spouse holds Slovak citizenship.

Required Documents: Documentation includes proof of Slovak citizenship for at least one spouse, the original foreign marriage certificate with apostille or superlegalization (if required), along with a Slovak-translated version by an authorized translator.

Additionally, documents indicating marital status before marriage are necessary.

Steps to Use Electronic Service:

  1. Optional: Complete the electronic form to expedite embassy processing time.
  2. Reserve a meeting at the relevant representative office. Confirmation is necessary for validity.
  3. Submit the electronic form and reservation to the respective representative office.

Post-Service Steps:

  1. Address any deficiencies in the electronic form, if notified by the representative office.
  2. Visit the representative office at the booked time, bringing all required documents.
  3. Collect the registration document from the representative office upon notification.”

This version aims to condense the information while maintaining the essential steps and requirements for the marriage registration service for Slovak Republic citizens marrying abroad.


Marriage is formalized through a mutual declaration of consent between the partners, either at the registry office, another appropriate location, or within the confines of a recognized church or religious entity.

This declaration, made in the presence of two witnesses, publicly affirms the commitment to marriage.

Prior to the ceremony, the Slovak citizen is required to present specific documentation at the registry office at least 7 days beforehand:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Birth certificate
  • Identity verification (such as a national ID card)
  • Proof of residence (if applicable for those residing abroad)

For foreigners marrying in Slovakia, the following documents must be submitted to the registry office at least 14 days before the intended marriage date:

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of current marital status (dated within 6 months)
  • Proof of permanent residence
  • Proof of citizenship.
  • In the case of a deceased spouse, the death certificate;
  • for divorcees, the valid divorce decree
  • Identity verification document.

As of October 1, 2015, the requirement to prove capacity for marriage has been abolished by law.

All foreign-issued public documents must be officially authenticated (apostilled for countries under the Hague Convention or superlegalized for others) and translated into Slovak by a certified translator listed by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

Under specific circumstances, a fiancé can request exemption from submitting certain documents if substantial obstacles exist. This request must be in writing, signed, and submitted in person to the registry office, which then presents it with a detailed opinion to the district office for a decision within five days.