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Slovakia offers three varieties of residence permits.

If you aspire to live in Slovakia for an extended period and are not an EU citizen, securing a residence permit is essential. Slovakia offers three types of residence permits:

✅ Temporary Residence (prechodný pobyt), ✅ Permanent Residence (trvalý pobyt), ✅ Tolerated Stay (tolerovaný pobyt).

📌 Tolerated residence is a specific permit granted for a maximum of 180 days, with the option for further extension.

📌 Of particular interest is the temporary residence permit, issued for an extended period, allowing for work, study, and business activities. The permit’s duration depends on its purpose (work, business, study, family reunion), typically lasting two years before requiring renewal.

📌 After five years of temporary residence in Slovakia, you become eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit. Moreover, after a decade (from your initial residence permit), you can apply for Slovak citizenship.

For assistance with obtaining a residence permit or permanent residence in Slovakia, feel free to reach out to us!