Latino and Salsa Dancing in Bratislava

Things to do in Bratislava: Salsa and Latino Dancing in Bratislava

There is a big concentration of fans of Latino and Salsa dancing in Bratislava.  For this reason there are a couple of great venues you can choose to shake those hips and meet great people.

La Fiesta


This is the main place for Salsa and Kizomba dancing in Bratislava.  If you are an intermediate/advanced dancer then this place is for you.  There are dance parties almost every day of the week.  The hottest days are Mondays / Tuesdays / Thursdays starting at 10pm.

During summer time, attendance decreases as it can be quite hot inside of the venue.

Note: Check their website during weekends and sometimes they have different styles of music parties.

Zeleny Strom


Fridays at Zeleny Strom are latino dancing evenings.  Here you will find not the advanced / ballroom dancer type of people but the more people who enjoy to dancing just by listening to the tunes and not following different dance steps.

The majority of the latino population goes to this venue as well. So if you’re new in town and are looking for where the Spanish speakers are located, simply stop by here and have a nice chat / dance.

Note: Only Fridays do they have latino music





Casa del Havana

Located in the heart of old town, this is the place where you can listen to many variations of latino music (including reggaeton).  The people that attend here are mostly tourists and those who like latino music but are not perfectionists about knowing how to dance, they just want to have a fun night.

Note: During weekends this venue can be packed! and as such quite difficult to dance.

Summer options

Latino Boat


In front of the T-mobile beach(Across from Old town), the latino boat parties happen normally during summer time about once a week.

Entrance price is normally 5 Eur and starts around 22:00.

This is an excellent option during those hot summer nights.

Other options

These are the venues that from time to time offer latino nights

* The Club (Certain Thursdays)

* Red Lion Pub (Certain Thursdays)

* KC Dunaj – Kubanska noc (once a month)

*Masquerade – Havana Dirty Dancing night (once a month)


The following artists (you can find them on Facebook pages) often announce at which events they will be playing.

* Mario Lopez Dance Company

* Dj Caly

* Dj Emeterio

* Dj Elier

Facebook Pages

* Salsa Bratislava

* Kubanska Noc


Here’s a fantastic song to get you in a latino dancing mood.  Vamos!