Residence Permit for the purpose of doing Business

Our Immigration Services agency provides comprehensive services to assist foreigners in obtaining temporary residence for business purposes. Our services encompass document preparation, business or company establishment, personalized support at the foreign police offices, and the acquisition of a residence card.

Application for residence

To request temporary residence, a third-country national (referred to as the ‘applicant’) must personally submit their application at the police department, provided they are legally present within the Slovak Republic. Legal representation through a power of attorney or the involvement of a lawyer or another person is not allowed; personal presence is mandatory.

In the Slovak Republic, temporary residence permits for business purposes can be sought only by foreigners who are legally within the country, either through visa-free travel or on the basis of a type D visa. If a foreigner holds a type C visa, they are ineligible to apply for a residence permit within the Slovak Republic. In such cases, the foreigner must submit their application at the embassy of their respective country of citizenship or where they have a registered residence.

The application must be submitted using an official form. When submitting a temporary residence application, the third-country national must provide a valid travel document and fulfill all the legal requirements for temporary residence applications. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the embassy or police department rejecting the application. If the embassy or police department refuses the temporary residence request, the third-country national will receive written guidance on the additional documents required to have their application accepted. An embassy or police department will only accept temporary residence requests for employment purposes if the third-country national cannot present a valid travel document

Recent updates:

Starting from December 2022, when submitting applications for temporary residence, five-year permanent residence, tolerated residence, or national visas, you have the flexibility to make an appointment at any foreign police office, and you are not restricted to a specific department.

WARNING! The above changes does not apply:

  • for citizens of the European Economic Area
  • for renewal of temporary residence,
  • submitting an application for the granting of permanent residence for an unlimited time,
  • submitting an application for a long-term residence permit,
  • submitting a request to change the purpose or type of stay,
  • submitting a request for invitation verification,
  • for submitting a request for the production of residence documents.