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Remember to complete this task following the approval of your residence permit!

“What’s crucial to remember after receiving approval for your residence permit in Slovakia? Within 30 days of permit issuance, it’s mandatory to obtain a medical certificate.

📄 What is this document?

✅ The certificate must confirm your freedom from diseases posing a public health threat.

⏰ Time restrictions?

✅ The certificate should not be older than 30 days. You must submit it within the same timeframe. If unable, the police may grant a 60-day extension upon request, provided valid reasons are presented.

🤔 Is it mandatory for everyone?

✅ There are exceptions, such as possessing a residence or permanent residence permit in another EU member state.

📍 Where to apply?

✅ Only certificates from specific medical institutions are recognized, including:

  1. Foreign Disease Clinic (Poliklinika cudzokrajných chorôb), Americké námestie 3.
  2. Institute for Vaccination and Travel Medicine (Inštitút očkovania a cestovnej medicíny s.r.o.), Teslova 33.
  3. Mlynská Dolina Medical Clinic (Poliklinika Mlynská dolina), Staré Grunty 56,
  4. Travel Health Clinic, Tehelná 26.

👩‍⚕️ Our service package for obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia includes the medical examination and issuance of this certificate.”