Registration of residence of an EU Citizen

EU citizens are permitted to remain in the Slovak Republic for up to 3 months without the need for registration. However, if an EU citizen intends to stay beyond this initial 3-month period, they are required to register their stay in Slovakia. This registration is essential in various scenarios, including when serving as a responsible representative of a company seeking trade or craft-related permits, conducting business activities, pursuing education, or employment in Slovakia. Rest assured, we will manage the entire process at the foreigner’s police on your behalf.

An EU citizen holding a valid identity document is entitled to reside in the Slovak Republic for a period of three months from their date of entry. Additionally, within ten working days from their entry date, the EU citizen is required to notify the immigration police of the commencement of their stay on Slovak territory.

Should an EU citizen intend to remain within the Slovak Republic for a period exceeding three months, they are obliged to initiate the process of registering their residence in the country. The application for residence registration must be personally submitted, using the official form, to the police department within 30 days following the conclusion of the initial three-month period from their date of entry into the Slovak Republic.