Recognition of documents on education and professional qualifications obtained abroad.

Recognition of Higher Education.

Recognition of higher education is utilized by citizens in cases where they wish to continue their studies or showcase them in their professional life (only for non-regulated professions).

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Recognition of Primary and Secondary Schooling Abroad.

If a child with compulsory school attendance has completed part or all of their schooling abroad, they must have their studies recognized upon return. The recognition of the academic year is determined by the director of the base school in the Slovak Republic, to whom the legal representative can apply with a request for commission examinations. Examinations can be taken for multiple academic years at once. In the event that the child does not have a base school in the Slovak Republic and has obtained a final certificate from a primary or secondary school abroad, the relevant authority for recognition is the district office, education department.

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Recognition of Education Obtained in the Czech Republic.

Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic have signed an agreement on mutual recognition of the equivalence of education documents issued in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The agreement covers all levels of education, thus all graduates of recognized Czech schools. The acquired education and documents about it will be automatically valid and sufficient for continuing studies or employment (except for regulated professions).

Professional Recognition of Education and Vocational Qualifications.

If a citizen or foreigner wants to practice a regulated profession in the Slovak Republic, they must have their education and vocational qualification document recognized. In the case of other, non-regulated professions, the employer assesses the qualification of the applicant.

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Assessment of Foreign Study.

A high school or university student abroad must prove their student status to the labor office, health insurance, social insurance, or other institutions. The assessment confirms the equivalence of the ongoing study with secondary or tertiary education in the Slovak Republic.