Providing Financial Assistance Abroad.

Detailed Information on the E-Service .


This service is intended for citizens of the Slovak Republic abroad. Through this service, you can submit a request for financial assistance to the respective consular office of the Slovak Republic based on the country where the citizen is located – list of consular offices. The output of the service is a decision on the provision of financial assistance to a citizen of the Slovak Republic abroad. To use the service, you need to be logged in with an eID card and fill out the electronic form, signed with a qualified electronic signature. The service is available 24 hours a day.

The request for financial assistance is submitted by a citizen of the Slovak Republic abroad who is in an emergency situation and needs financial help to return from abroad. Financial assistance is not provided for other purposes.

To successfully process the service, it is necessary to truthfully fill out the electronic form for the request for financial assistance and respond to any additional questions from the consular office through the eDesk mailbox.

Steps to Use the Electronic Service.

The following are brief steps you need to take to use the electronic service for requesting financial assistance abroad. Detailed instructions for using MFEA SR electronic services can be found in the User Guide for Electronic Services, available on the submission of the application. Fill out and sign the electronic form Submit the electronic form to the respective consular office

Steps After Using the Electronic Service.

If you have submitted the electronic form for a request for financial assistance, you will need to perform the following activities:

Communication with the consular office – if the submitted electronic form has deficiencies, a consular office representative will contact you to address the issues before your visit to the consular office. Communication will take place through the eDesk mailbox.

Decision on financial assistance – the decision on the approval or rejection of the request for financial assistance will be delivered to your eDesk mailbox. In case of approval, you will be informed about the next steps.

Basic Information.

Mandatory Fee No.

Reservation Required No.


There is no formal and detailed regulation in the law for this service, only general provisions in Act No. 151/2010 Coll. on Foreign Service and on the Amendment and Supplementation of Some Acts, as amended by Act No. 403/2010 Coll., within the provisions on the activities of diplomatic missions and consular offices.