National Language.

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic is the central body of state administration in the field of the state language, as stipulated by Act No. 575/2001 Coll. on the Organization of the Activities of the Government and the Organization of Central State Administration, as amended.

According to the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and Act No. 270/1995 Coll. on the State Language, the official language within the territory of the Slovak Republic is the Slovak language.

The use of other languages in official communication is regulated by the specific provisions of Act No. 184/1998 Coll. on the Use of Languages of National Minorities. The languages of the minorities include Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, German, Polish, Romani, Rusyn, and Ukrainian.

For further information, you can directly visit the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, which handles the aforementioned matters.