Modification in the Exporters Registry.

The service is intended for entrepreneurs, citizens of the Slovak Republic. Through the service, it is possible to submit a form for changes in the Exporters Registry to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The output of the service is the modification of exporter data in the Exporters Registry. The service is available 24 hours a day.

The request for exporter modification is submitted by an entrepreneur, a citizen of the Slovak Republic with a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. No additional documents need to be attached for successful service processing.

Steps for using the electronic service:

  1. Change request in the Exporters Registry
  2. Open the electronic form “Exporter Registration”
  3. Modify/correct data in the electronic form
  4. Submit the electronic form

Steps after using the electronic service: If you have submitted the electronic form for changes in the Exporters Registry, no further activities are required.

Basic information:

  • Mandatory fee: No
  • Reservation required: No
  • Legislation: The service is not defined by law.
  • Authentication/successors: No need for eID login.