Issuing a Driver’s License Abroad.

This service is intended for citizens of the Slovak Republic residing abroad who have previously been issued a driver’s license in Slovakia and have a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. Through this service, applicants can submit a request for a driver’s license to the respective consular office of the Slovak Republic, where the applicant schedules a meeting to process the application based on the country of residence – list of consular offices. The output of the service is the delivery of a driver’s license to the Slovak Republic citizen residing abroad. In the case of using an eID card, communication with the citizen takes place through the eDesk mailbox, speeding up the application process and significantly reducing the risk that the applicant must come to the consular office multiple times. However, the service can also be utilized without using an eID card. The guaranteed electronic signature of the citizen is not required for processing the electronic form. The service is available 24 hours a day.

The service is subject to a fee at the consular office. The amount of the fee is determined by the respective consular office in the local currency according to the country where the consular office is located. The current fee schedule can be found here fee schedule. Further information on fees for individual consular offices can be found on the websites of the respective consular offices – list of consular offices.

The application for a driver’s license is submitted by a citizen of the Slovak Republic who has a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic and has been previously issued a driver’s license.

For the successful completion of the service, the following documents are required: valid proof of identity (passport or ID card) valid driver’s license in case of exchanging a driver’s license in case of loss or theft, a document confirming this fact or a sworn statement document confirming a change of name or surname for applicants over 65 years old, a document of health fitness issued in Slovakia or by the relevant health facility abroad (endorsed by the prescribed verification and an official translation into the Slovak language) if the applicant holds a driving license for one of the C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, or DE categories, they are required to submit a valid document of health fitness and a valid document of mental fitness issued in Slovakia when applying for a replacement or renewal of the license issued before January 19, 2013.

Steps for using the electronic service: The following are brief steps to be taken if you want to use the electronic service for a driver’s license application abroad. A detailed description of using electronic services of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic can be found in the document User Manual for Electronic Services, which is available on the submission of application page. Completion of the electronic form (this step is optional, but submitting the completed electronic form will shorten your time at the consular office) Reservation of a meeting at the respective consular office – after sending the reservation, a message confirming the meeting reservation will be sent to your eDesk mailbox (or email). To make the reservation valid, it must be confirmed. If your identity documents expire soon, reserve a meeting at the consular office as soon as possible. Submission of the electronic form and reservation to the respective consular office.

Steps after using the electronic service: In case you have submitted an electronic form for a driver’s license application and reservation, you will need to perform the following activities: Communication with the consular office employee – in case the submitted electronic form has deficiencies, the consular office employee will contact you to rectify the discrepancies before your arrival at the consular office. Communication will take place through the eDesk mailbox if you submitted the application after logging in with an eID card or via the email you provided in the contact details if you were not logged in. Visit to the consular office – come to the consular office at the reserved time, and you must present all the necessary documents listed in the service description. During the visit, your biometric data will be captured, and you will sign the driver’s license application, pre-filled in case you submit a completed electronic form along with the reservation. The applicant must bring all the necessary documents listed in the service description and on the respective form to the reserved meeting. Without these documents, the application may not be successfully processed at the meeting. Driver’s license pickup – the driver’s license produced based on the application submitted to the consular office will be delivered to the consular office where you can pick it up. In justified cases, the consular office may deliver the driver’s license to the address you specify, if you request it and can demonstrably ensure the pickup of the driver’s license.

Basic information: Mandatory fee Yes Reservation required Yes Legislation The service is provided according to the law no. 8/2009 Coll. on road traffic and on the amendment and supplementation of certain laws, as amended.