International legal entity’s appointed representative.

Title: Accessing Electronic Mailboxes for Foreign Statutory Representatives in Slovakia.

Introduction: Many legal entities operating in Slovakia with foreign statutory representatives may encounter the mandatory activation of electronic mailboxes for official communication from the government. This article provides information on how to log in to electronic mailboxes and the necessary software and equipment for successful communication with authorities.

Logging into the Electronic Mailbox: According to Act no. 305/2013 Coll. on e-Government, the owner of the electronic mailbox can log in using the following methods:

  1. Identification Card: An electronic chip (eID card) and personal security code (BOK).
  2. Residence Card: An electronic chip and personal security code (BOK).
  3. Alternative Authenticator: An electronic chip and personal security code (BOK).
  4. Electronic Identification from Another EU State (eIDAS).

Methods for Foreign Statutory Representatives:

  1. Empowering Another Person (Slovak Citizen):
    • If the statutory representative is a foreign citizen without an eID, they can empower a Slovak citizen with an eID for mailbox access.
    • Application for authorization should be sent to the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization.
  2. Empowering Another Person (Foreign Citizen in EU):
    • Authorization can be granted to a foreign natural person with an electronic identifier issued in an EU member state.
    • The identifier must be provided in the application for authorization.
  3. Login with Residence Card:
    • Foreign statutory representatives can apply for a residence card with an electronic chip to access the electronic mailbox.
    • The application must be sent to the Ministry of Investments.
  4. Login with Alternative Authenticator:
    • A free alternative authenticator with a 3-year validity can be obtained by a natural person without an official authenticator.
    • The application should be submitted to the Police Force.

Identification Number Requirement: Correctly entered identification numbers are crucial, and any discrepancies must be updated in the relevant registers.

Additional Information:

  • The Central Government Portal provides a list of accepted means from other EU member states.
  • The Ministry of Interior assigns an identification number to foreign persons without residence in Slovakia upon request.
  • Superlegalization or apostille may be required for signature certification outside Slovakia.
  • The National Agency for Network and Electronic Services uses data from reference registers, and any discrepancies may result in denied access.

Recommendation: Ensure accurate data entry in the Business register to avoid access issues, and use the Central Government Portal for necessary updates.