Hunting and Fishing in Slovakia.


To become a hunter, you must possess a hunting license. This can be obtained by passing exams at the local hunting chamber branch. The applicant needs to submit an official request, specifying the company where practical training will be conducted, and then undergo a preparatory course.

Hunting Training.

During the course, applicants undergo training in various subjects. They must pass theoretical, practical, and shooting preparation.

Theoretical preparation involves 70 hours of instruction on game breeding and protection, legal regulations, zoology and biology of the game, safe handling of weapons, and providing first aid.

Practical training takes place directly in one of the hunting companies or associations. The applicant learns practical knowledge of game breeding and protection. During this preparation, they must have a minimum of 100 hours recorded over a period of at least 12 months.

Applicants undergo shooting preparation at an approved shooting range, focusing mainly on four exercises with hunting weapons. Successful completion is recorded in the applicant’s training records.

Hunting Exams After completing all preparations, the applicant (minimum age is 16) can apply for a hunting exam. It takes place electronically, and applicants can prepare for it using a special portal. After successfully passing the test, applicants receive a certificate that entitles them to own a hunting license. If an applicant fails, they have the option to request two retake dates.

After the exams, applicants can also apply for an additional exam for the possession of hunting weapons of types D, E, F. The exam consists of both theoretical and practical parts.

Issuance and Renewal of Hunting License For the issuance or renewal of a hunting license, the applicant must submit the old hunting license, a request for issuance, 2 photographs, consent to the processing of personal data, the agreement of the person concerned, proof of insurance, ID card, and a fee.


To fish in the waters of the Slovak Republic, anglers must have a valid fishing license and permit.

How to obtain a fishing license: You must apply for a fishing license in the municipality or city district. You can also apply through an electronic service.

Fishing License Fees: Validity








Three years


Exempt from fees: students in the field of fisheries education, individuals under 15 years old, state administration employees who fish as part of work activities, fishery managers, fishery guards, foreigners invited by the President of the Slovak Republic, the National Council of the Slovak Republic, and the Government of the Slovak Republic.

How to obtain a fishing permit: The permit is issued by the Slovak Fishing Association or the user of the fishing area.

The applicant must: possess a fishing license, request a permit at the sales location (where the association or a store with permits is selling), pay the fee, return the permit with a completed catch record after finishing fishing.

To extend the validity, the applicant must re-purchase both the fishing license and the fishing permit.