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How to prepare a Slovak birth certificate for a child born abroad?

I have been attempting to secure Slovak citizenship for my son over the course of several years. My son has held British citizenship since birth, as his father (a Slovak citizen) had worked continuously and paid taxes in England for more than a decade. Furthermore, I (also a Slovak citizen) gave birth to him in England while being employed there, which meant we were not obligated to register his birth. Consequently, he acquired citizenship by birth in 2011.

However, the local authorities are now insisting that we register our son, and providing an explanation from the English authorities or the English embassy regarding the unnecessary registration is insufficient for them. Regrettably, we are at a loss as to how to proceed and whom to approach for assistance. I am hopeful that you can provide guidance.

You have mentioned that both you and your husband are Slovak citizens, and your son was born in England. According to ยง 4 par. 1 of the Citizenship Act, if parents are citizens of the Slovak Republic or become citizens of the Slovak Republic, their minor children also have Slovak citizenship, regardless of the country of birth and any other citizenship.

To prepare your son’s Slovak birth certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Slovak Birth Certificate: You can apply for your son’s Slovak birth certificate as his mother. Visit the registry office corresponding to your place of permanent residence or the father’s residence. You will need:
    • An apostilled and officially translated English birth certificate or a certified photocopy.
    • A copy of your marriage certificate.
    • Your parents’ identity cards.
    • If at least one parent’s identity card was issued before your child’s birth, you don’t need to provide a citizenship certificate.
  2. Processing: The registry office will forward your application to the Special Registry of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, which will issue your son’s Slovak birth certificate.
  3. Child’s Citizenship Certificate: If you don’t have a document indicating your son’s Slovak citizenship, you can apply for a citizenship certificate. Submit the following to the District Office Bratislava I:
    • A completed and signed application.
    • Your child’s birth certificate with an apostille and official translation into Slovak.
    • A photocopy of the Slovak parent’s birth certificate.
    • A valid identity document of the parent submitting the application.
    • A photocopy of your child’s passport (if available).
    • A declaration of acquisition of citizenship of another country, including details on how and when your child acquired British citizenship, signed with official verification by the parents.
    • A confirmation of payment of the administrative fee (EUR 10).
  4. Acquiring British Citizenship: The British Embassy in Slovakia has stated that children born in the UK do not automatically receive British citizenship. It depends on various factors. According to the relevant district office, British citizenship can be acquired if one of the parents is of English nationality or through registration if one of the parents has paid taxes in the UK for at least 5 years based on their tax documents.

Please note that during a state of emergency, you can submit the application for a certificate of Slovak citizenship in writing, either in paper or electronic form. Submissions in electronic form without authorization must be completed in paper form within three working days.

For any specific details or guidance, it is advisable to contact the Bratislava District Office or the Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your area to ensure you have the most up-to-date information and assistance in the process.