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How to obtain a replacement for your driver’s license?

How can I convert my foreign driver’s license to a Slovak one, and is it necessary? Let’s explore this topic together, as many of you have inquired 👍

If you’re planning a short stay in Slovakia, you can use your foreign license for the initial 6 months after obtaining your residence permit. However, it’s crucial to replace it with a Slovak license within the next two months; otherwise, driving without a Slovakian license becomes a legal violation.

Here are the steps for changing A and B category licenses:

1️. Obtain a certificate of the authenticity of your license:

Schedule an appointment at the Consulate of your home country in Slovakia. Attend on the specified day to secure a certificate confirming the authenticity of your driver’s license. Alternatively, you can obtain this certificate from the Motor Vehicle Inspectorate in your home country, followed by translation into Slovak and notarization.

  1. Create a notarized copy of your license in Slovak.
  2. Visit the police department where you are registered in Slovakia:

Bring the certificate of authenticity, a certified and translated copy of your license, and the original driver’s license. Pay the required fee and submit the documents. Typically, no prior appointment is necessary; you can simply arrive and obtain a ticket from the local machine.

The processing time is usually around a month. For urgent situations, you can expedite the process by paying an additional fee for a quick license change, resulting in issuance within two days.

These guidelines apply specifically to A and B category licenses ☝️ Other license categories may have different document requirements and procedures!