How to Obtain a Firearm License in Slovakia.

If you wish to own a firearm, you need to have a permit issued by the police department. A firearm license can only be obtained by an upright and reliable individual who has reached the age of 21. An exception is the issuance of a firearm license for hunting purposes to a person who is 18 years old (if they also hold a hunting license) or to a person who has reached the age of 15, provided they are a member of the national shooting team (with the written consent of their legal representative).

In addition to the prescribed age, uprightness, and reliability, a person must meet the following conditions:

  1. Full legal capacity
  2. A medical certificate proving the physical ability to handle or carry a firearm and ammunition, and a psychological certificate proving the mental ability
  3. Professional competence to handle or carry a firearm and ammunition by passing an exam before the examination committee
  4. Residency in the territory of the Slovak Republic
  5. The need to possess or carry a firearm and ammunition

Submitting an Application The application is submitted to the respective district police department, specifically the document section dealing with weapons and ammunition. The applicant must primarily meet the age requirement, be fully capable of legal acts, and meet the conditions of uprightness and reliability specified in Section 19 of Act No. 190/2003 Coll. on firearms and ammunition. Before applying, the applicant must obtain a medical certificate of physical fitness, issued by a doctor specializing in relevant fields, and a psychological certificate, issued by a psychologist specializing in clinical psychology.

In the application for a firearm license, the applicant provides:

  1. Personal information
  2. Identification document number
  3. For foreigners, the passport number or the document replacing the passport
  4. The category of firearm license requested
  5. Justification for the firearm license request

The applicant attaches the following documents to the application:

  1. Two photographs with dimensions of 30 x 35 mm
  2. Medical certificate of physical fitness and a psychological certificate of mental fitness to handle or carry a firearm and ammunition
  3. Confirmation from the state administrative authority that the applicant has the right under special regulations
  4. Confirmation of membership in a shooting organization (if the applicant requests a firearm license for sports shooting)
  5. Officially certified copy of the hunting license
  6. Officially certified copy of the document that can be credited with passing the professional competence test

Documents must not be older than three months at the time of application.

Validity of the Firearm License The police department issues a firearm license valid for ten years. For foreigners, it is valid for the duration of their authorized stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic, if their stay is shorter than ten years.

Expiration of the Firearm License The validity of the firearm license expires:

  1. Upon the expiration of its validity period
  2. Upon reporting its loss or theft
  3. By decision on revocation of the firearm license
  4. If it is damaged to the extent that the entries are illegible or its integrity is compromised
  5. If it contains inaccurate information
  6. Upon the end of the holder’s residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic
  7. In case the holder dies or is declared dead
  8. Upon the return of the firearm license to the police department that issued it

If the firearm license expires due to loss, theft, damage, or inaccurate information, the police department, upon submission of two photographs and payment of the appropriate fee, issues a new firearm license with validity corresponding to the original firearm license.