How to find out if your car is allowed on Slovak Highways

A Highway sticker also known as the “vignette” is a must have if you are driving on Slovak Highways.

In previous years, each auto had a sticker placed on the windshield which could tell you the duration of said vignette, and as such was quite easy to find out about the expiration date.

Not so much anymore, as Slovakia has now implemented the e-vignette system.  Which means that you no longer have the sticker on your car, and it’s up to you to know exactly  the expiration date of the vignette.

Now, if you have bought the yearly e-vignette, the expiration date is quite simple.  All e-vignettes expire on January 31st of the next year (for the year 2017, this means they expire on January 31st of 2018).

But let’s take a look at some other scenarios:

  • You have rented a car and are not sure if it has a valid vignette or not.
  • You are not sure whether you bought the year pass or a shorter term ticket

Luckily, this can be checked quite easily on the department of transportation of Slovakia.



This useful site, then informs you about the exact date when your vehicle’s e-vignette will expire, and thus avoid some heavy penalties when driving in Slovak Highways.