How can a foreigner apply for a secondary school in Slovakia?

As a citizen of the EU, you need:

  • Application form
  • Educational certificates
  • Diplomas from competitions If the applicant attends school abroad, lower secondary education in Slovakia can be recognized based on the law on the recognition of educational documents.

The recognition of an educational document (certificate with an appendix) issued in another country for the purpose of continuing studies is decided by the district office in the region’s seat after comparing the content and scope of the applicant’s completed education with the content and scope of education required in Slovakia according to the state educational program.

The recognition of certificates for the first to eighth grade issued by a school in another country is decided by the school principal.

When to submit the application The deadline for submitting applications to high school is March 20, 2023. A student can apply to only two high schools or two different fields of the same school. In some cases, they may submit two additional applications for fields that require verification of special abilities, skills, or talents, and an additional application.

The applicant fills out the application with precise details, including:

  • Personal information of the student
  • Contact details of legal guardians
  • Confirmation of medical fitness
  • Results achieved in primary school
  • Competition results
  • Information about the high school the student is applying to The application can be submitted electronically or in paper form.

Admission test dates

  • High school with talent tests – May 2, 2023 (second term May 11)
  • High school without talent tests – May 4, 2023 (second term May 9) More information about admission test dates for the academic year 2023/2024 can be found on the Ministry of Education’s website.

Admission requirements

The applicant must not be a student of another high school. They must successfully complete education at the primary school level and pass the admission tests.

Results of admission interviews

High schools must publish the results on their notice boards no later than three working days after the admission test date. If the applicant is not accepted in the first round, they can apply to a high school conducting a second round.

Who to contact for further questions More detailed information about the enrollment procedure and studying itself can be provided by:

  • The specific school the applicant wants to attend
  • The relevant education department of the district office in the regional seat
  • The relevant self-governing region
  • Center of Scientific and Technical Information Frequently Asked Questions Who can apply to high school?

Students in the 5th, 8th, and 9th grades, as well as individuals of legal age, can apply to high school.

When can an applicant not be accepted?

An applicant cannot be accepted to high school if they:

  • Do not provide necessary documents of prior education
  • Do not submit the application within the stipulated period
  • Do not submit the application in the specified format.