General Information on Access Rights or Obligations to Participate in Available Preventive Measures in Public Healthcare.

  1. Citizens must be ‘prepared to start processing.’ What should an EU citizen prepare before ‘starting processing’ (tools, documents, certificates…) and where can they find/get them? Before attempting to fulfill obligations or assert rights related to preventive measures in public healthcare, verify the following:

Are you or your family members publicly health insured in the Slovak Republic? Verification of insurance relationship is possible through the specialized portal of the Health Care Surveillance Authority. If not, full reimbursement for the required health services may be requested.

  1. What can a citizen expect? The scope of healthcare covered based on public health insurance is determined by the law 577/2004 Coll.

A citizen should consult with their attending physician about preventive check-ups. The list of healthcare providers is also accessible through the National Contact Point website. Health insurance companies inform their policyholders about preventive check-ups that help prevent deterioration of the citizen’s health. If an EU citizen wishes to undergo a selected preventive examination or treatment with a healthcare provider in Slovakia, they should consult with their health insurance company about the possibility of reimbursement or cost refund for these procedures.

  1. Who will help the citizens if they are unsure? The district doctor responsible for the specific citizen will answer questions related to preventive check-ups. Citizens can find information about their doctor on the e-Health Portal. This portal provides all information about healthcare professionals, clinics, office hours, addresses, and more.
  2. What are the sanctions for non-compliance with obligations? The purpose of preventive health check-ups is to detect already developed pathological findings, as well as clinically unmanifested but detectable risk indicators of disease onset. Therefore, it is essential not to forget about preventive check-ups.

Relevant Laws: The scope of healthcare covered based on public health insurance is determined by the law 577/2004 .