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Foreigner’s Ownership of Property and Residence in Slovakia

I am a Serbian citizen who has been living in Slovakia for 2 years with temporary residence. I have purchased a house in Slovakia, and the house is registered in my name in the real estate register. Can I obtain a residence permit in Slovakia based on my property ownership?

The Act on the Residence of Foreigners categorizes three types of permanent residence:

  1. Permanent residence for five years.
  2. Permanent residence for an unlimited period.
  3. Residence for a third-country national with the recognized status of a person with long-term residence in the European Union (referred to as “long-term residence”).

Given that you have held temporary residence in Slovakia for 2 years and have not mentioned meeting the conditions for the first two types of residence (as defined in ยงยง 43 and 46 of the Act on the Residence of Foreigners), it appears that your case may qualify for long-term residence. However, you must meet the requirement of legally and continuously residing in the Slovak Republic for at least five years immediately before applying. A stay of two years is insufficient, but after completing five years of residence, you can apply for long-term residence. Owning property in Slovakia is not a sufficient basis for obtaining permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia.