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Five Essential Steps for Acquiring a Residence Permit.

How can I initiate the process of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia? What are the crucial steps, and where is the best starting point? 🤔

📌 Identify the most suitable type of residence permit:

Slovakia provides various residence permit options based on business, work, study, and reunification. Our role is to guide clients in selecting the optimal choice.

📌 Gather all required documents:

The document checklist varies depending on the grounds for applying. We provide detailed instructions on obtaining specific documents, including those with limited validity.

📌 Schedule an appointment with the Alien Police in Slovakia:

In the current digital era, all processes involve online appointments. We handle the form submission to save the client’s time and ensure accurate registration.

📌 Submit the application:

Typically, applications with all necessary documents are presented to the Alien Police in Slovakia on the scheduled day and time. We accompany our clients to address potential language barriers or legal intricacies, managing all communication with the police for a smoother process.

📌 Receive your residence permit card:

Upon approval, you generally receive your residence permit card within 2-3 months post-application. It’s crucial to carry this document throughout your stay in Slovakia.

While there are additional steps that vary based on the residence permit basis and your current residence, those details are better suited for future posts 😉. We’re here to streamline and simplify the residence permit application process for you.