Finding jobs in Bratislava

Updated as of May 5th 2022

Below you can find list of locations that list open job positions in Bratislava

Job Offers with Ukrainian Language

This job portal let’s you see the job offers and also you can fill a form to let employer’s know about you


In this job portal you can search by the job position that you are looking for and also by company names

The link below takes you to job opportunities for Ukrainian speakers


You can check out the websites for the supermarkets in Bratislava, this is where they will post their job openings.

City of Bratislava

Hiring for parking meter checkers

List of Open positions for the city of Bratislava

Teaching positions

Some information about teaching in international schools.

  • To be a class teacher most schools prefer a teaching qualification certificate
  • To be a teaching assistant the requirement is fluent English (no teaching certificate required)

The British International School Bratislava ( )

Cambridge school ( )

QSI International School of Bratislava ( )

English International School of Bratislava ( )

Social Media

Facebook groups for searching jobs for refugees

Short term opportunities

You can also find short term job opportunities in the city, a term used is “Brigada”, which are short term positions.

Offer of services

Other option can be to offer your services for (Cleaning / Baby sitting , taking care of seniors). In this site you can post your services.