Digital Services Related to ID Cards.

Modification of Contact Information in the Document Information System – Identity Cards.

Through this electronic service, you can change and update contact details (email address, mobile phone number) and the so-called discreet information recorded in the identity card agenda.

Reporting the Loss or Theft of an Identity Card with a Chip.

You can save a trip to the police in case of loss or theft of an identity card with a chip. You can do so if you have entered discreet information through the Contact Information Modification service, which you must provide when reporting the loss or theft of the identity card.

Application for the Issuance of an Identity Card Abroad.

This service is intended for citizens of the Slovak Republic residing abroad. Through the service, you can submit an application for an identity card to the relevant diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic, where the applicant reserves a meeting for processing the application based on the country where the citizen is located. The output of the service is the issuance of the identity card to the citizen of the Slovak Republic abroad.

Cancellation of Registration with the Identity Card with a Chip.

If you have activated the identity card with a chip by entering the security personal code (BOK) at the district office of the Police Corps, you can use it for authentication to electronic services. If you decide to block the use of the identity card with a chip for authentication to electronic services, you can use the dedicated electronic service for this purpose.

Verification of the Validity of Certificates Issued on the Identity Card with a Chip or on the Residence Permit Card with a Chip for Foreigners.

With this service, you can verify which certificates are issued for your identity card: authentication, encryption, or qualified for the authorization of electronic documents signed with a qualified electronic signature. If necessary, you can also electronically revoke certificates. However, you can renew them free of charge only by a personal visit to the document and registry office.

Card Payment.

The payment of the fee for submitting an application for the issuance of an identity card with a chip can now be made online, using several methods detailed in the following article…

The fastest way is to pay by card, which can only be used with the new design of mailboxes.

After submitting the electronic application, the application is verified (which may take several hours), and you will receive a ‘Payment Order’ in your mailbox. After successful payment processing, you will see information about the completed payment. Later, you will receive a message confirming the payment. More information about the payment process is available in the instructional video.