Church Marriage in Slovakia.

Location of Church Marriage is in the presence of the authority of a registered church or religious community.

Note: In case of a direct threat to the life of one of the betrotheds, marriage can be solemnized at any location.

Administrative procedures and documents required for church marriage:

Marriage application – both betrothed parties present, available at the registry office, submitted to the relevant church authority.

At least 7 days before marriage, the following documents must be submitted to the registry office:

(The 7 days is set to allow registry office staff the necessary time to verify the accuracy of the information in the marriage application, especially when the marriage is contracted in a religious form. In these cases, it often happens that the betrothed agree on a date at the parish office, but notify the registry office, for example, a day before the wedding.)

  • Proof of citizenship,
  • Confirmation of residence,
  • Birth certificate,
  • ID card or other document proving identity,
  • Death certificate of the deceased spouse, or marriage certificate of the terminated marriage, if it is a widower or widow, or a valid divorce decree if it is a divorced person, or a valid decree declaring the marriage invalid.

Note: Documents (except death/marriage certificates or a valid judgment) can be collectively replaced by presenting a valid ID card or proving one’s electronic identity with an ID card with an electronic chip.

The church authority before which the marriage was concluded is obliged to deliver the record of the marriage (drawn up after the ceremony) within 3 working days of the marriage to the relevant registry office, which will enter the record in the marriage register.

Documents containing information about individuals related to registry events recorded in marriage, birth, and death registers (marriage, birth, death certificates) do not need to be submitted to the registry if they are already part of the electronic registry (central database of registry events integrated with the Register of Persons).

Reporting obligations for changing the surname after marriage.

  • Obtaining a new ID card – within 30 days.
  • Obtaining a new driver’s license (and related documents) – within 30 days.
  • Reporting a change of surname to the employer/job office, health insurance, Social Insurance (or employer), bank, doctors, phone operator, etc.
  • New travel document (passport) – in case of planning a honeymoon, it is advisable to inquire in advance about the conditions of airlines in case of a surname change and possible sanctions when transferring airline tickets.

More information about documents can be found in the life situation ‘Personal Data and Documents.’