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Slovakia offers three varieties of residence permits.

If you aspire to live in Slovakia for an extended period and are not an EU citizen, securing a residence permit is essential. Slovakia offers three types of residence permits: ✅ Temporary Residence (prechodný pobyt), ✅ Permanent Residence (trvalý pobyt), ✅ Tolerated Stay (tolerovaný pobyt)….

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Is it possible to apply for a pension in Slovakia?

Are expatriates eligible for an old-age pension in Slovakia, and what is the amount? To qualify for an old-age pension, two key conditions must be met: ☝️ Accumulate a minimum of 15 years as a participant in pension insurance. This involves making contributions as an…

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Comparing Residence Permit and Permanent Residence rights in Slovakia

When considering living in Slovakia, two key terms often arise: “residence permit” and “permanent residence.” But what distinguishes the two? ✅ Both permits enable residence in the country. If you’re planning a move to Slovakia, the initial step is applying for a residence permit before…

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Enrollment of a Foreigner with a Health Insurance Company

QUESTIONWe have hired a non-EU foreigner who has recently been granted a residence permit in Slovakia and has received his residence card. We now need to provide him with an employment contract. However, our accountant informed us that we cannot register him with the health…